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Salt Miner.
@Marvelous TK  
Of course not, didn’t you get the memo?
If it’s not touched by the God-Empress Faust it’s automatically terrible.
It can’t possibly be because people are just growing tired of the joke, NOPE it’s totally the writers’ fault.
Wesley Foxx
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@Marvelous TK  
I came in at the start of season 3 after having seen a scattering of older episodes, and the ones with pinkie mostly just being stuff like Party of One, so yeah. A refresher for how she acted in season 3:
Background Pony #C03F
@Marvelous TK  
I think it’s because Season 4 made it appear more obvious with episodes such as Filli Vanilli where she continuously made Fluttershy cry despite that Pinkie should stop at the first sign and TRY to cheer her up like how she’s suppose to.
But yeah, she’s popular and all and I love Pinkie and everything, but she shouldn’t be forced into episodes where she could have easily been written off instead of being Flanderized.
Marvelous TK

@Background Pony #1DF8  
This isn’t a new trend, guys. I’ve been maintaining the opinion that when Pinkie’s not an episode focus, she’s written as an over-the-top caricature of herself, since The Last Roundup. That’s halfway through Season 2, there, and that’s not even where it started, just where it really sunk in for me. So this whole ‘Season 4 Ruined Pinkie’ thing people keep doing really confuses the hell out of me, did no one else really see it before? Really?
Background Pony #C03F
Yeah, Pinkie was flanderized and out of character in filli vanilli.
Here’s a hilarious gif from that episode with the Smile Song lyrics as the subtitles.
Background Pony #C03F
I never thought I’d see the day when the human counterpart becomes cuter than their pony one…