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Background Pony #BB36
and that is why if you hurt not only fluttershy's friends, and hurt all kinds of different species shapes of animals , and not say your sorry but to push, say something bad , or hurt anyone , fluttersh's anger boiling red hot and you will get a warning next time not to harm anyone from her. fluttershy you wouldn't get me angry you wouldn't like it to make me angry, or mad. flutttershy gggggrrrrrrr! flutterhulk flutterhulk will smash you puny one . power ponies fluttershy calm down please. flutterhulk never hurt my friends, or my animal friends got that ?, or flutterhulk comes back and smash you. flutterhulk gggrrr. fluttershy what happen? did i hurt anyone? .
Background Pony #DE3F
Flutterhulk could possibly be among the scariest things to ever be put in MLP.