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So basically what your saying there is that the only crazy religious people are the ones who are actually 'good' at being religious.

Because the thing is, those fundamentalists are, in a strange way, right. They are the 'true' followers of their religion. For as fucking insane as they are, at least they dont cherry pick.

Sometimes i toy with the idea of what the world would be like if everyone had only a binary choice. Accept literally everything youre religion tells you to do, or dont be religious.

Id like to think people would give it up after theyve been forced to kill one too many rape victims, but maybe thats just me having a little too much faith in humanity.
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Just ones who follow every one of the religious rules are crazy.

You are not crazy for believing in a man in the sky but you are crazy if you do something I don't like that the man in the sky told you to do.

Right, so let's go with instead of fuck Islam as a whole, fuck Monsters in the Middle East that force it down people's throats. But this isn't the picture for that because the connection is so loose.