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Background Pony #5E13
And so I shall…
Fleur had me. She had me in a tight yet warming hug, just staring at me, grinning. I was sweating and shaking a little, worried that she might do something to worse like throw me in the deepest part of the ocean.
Her mouth opened to speak. It was over. I messed up again. I guess I’d be forever al-
“Such flattery… and kindness with it.”
I stopped shaking, and my nervous sweating decreased.
“Wait… what?” I replied meekly.
“It’s just… so uncommon these days to see an Earth pony here, let alone with a sense of humor… or a cute pony such as yourself, Midnight.” Fleur said, pulling me closer, so close I could finally smell her perfume, a mixture of passion fruit & other beautiful, sweet-smelling delights I couldn’t describe… and of course, her breasts, which had to be C cups at least.
“Uh… thank you!” After an awkward pause and a little nervous chuckling, I added “Nopony’s ever said that about me”.
“And I bet they’ve never said this to you either: I want you.”
“Wh-wh-what?!” I exclaimed. I mean, meeting Fleur by chance is one thing, but for her to want me? That’s something else!
“Why me? I mean, you have anypony you want, and you’ve~~” I spoke in rapid fire, before she silenced me with a hoof to the lips, pressing me to the sand, her hips straddling mine.
“Oh Midnight. For the longest time I’ve been with so many rich, fancy stallions. A bunch of overachievers with more money than brains or any sense of emotion. So boring, so drab, the lot of them. Great stallions with wealth and plenty of whorses and toys, but nothing to satisfy me. I’ve wanted something different for so long…” and as she leaned down to my ear, “…and you’re exactly what I want.”
I…I… was shocked to say the least. I didn’t know what do to or say at this point. Nervous, shaking, and blushing at the same time, I opened my mouth to reason with her, but I was cut short when she pressed her lips against mine, her hand running down my side, my arms instinctively pulling us closer in a moment of heated passion.
Her tongue slipped into my mouth, teasing every inch of my mouth until our tongues met in a wrestling match of love.
I don’t know how long it lasted. All I remember was how beautiful it felt. All my anxieties, fears, worries, negativity… all lost. The only I wanted was Fleur-de-Lis. Those lips, that incredible ass, those breasts… everything. This moment of love with a mare I (embarrassingly) used to rub one out to, on this beautiful night, with the ocean ~~ and I what I thought was the faint sound of a camera or two in the distance.
“Mmm… such a tasty little colt.” Fleur uttered breathlessly, pulling away from me, a thin strand of saliva separating. us. “Such an amazing kisser & lover you are. Passionate much, are we?”
I panted, still in shock at what’s happening. I really didn’t know how to answer, so I simply nodded, a big grin on my face.
“Such an easy little colt. You know, I can offer much more… if you wish.”
Remaining silent, I nodded once more. Fleur pulled herself off of me, and pulled me to my feet, holding my hands.
“I hope you’ll be here same time next week, my little pony.” And with a quick, final kiss, Fleur-De-Lis departed into the night. Without fanfare, I decided to walk back to my apartment, smiling.
This was the best night EVER!
Background Pony #5E13
Same BP responsible for the story below. And now to continue…
Here it was. A nightmare scenario.
I’ve never been good with mares. I’ve always somehow screwed it up, so I had no real experience here. I never really expected to get a marefriend, let alone one who was a known supermodel from the magazines (and who was my favorite character in The Marefighters movies).
And I could easily see the difference here. Fleur’s a full-grown mare supermodel and sometimes actress of fame, with money, fans, and a high class life. Meanwhile I’m a out of my teens, but not an adult yet, still trying to find myself.
And now, she’s next to me, holding me, as I’m slightly shaking a bit, unable to speak or look at her for fear of screwing something up. I never really expected anypony to be here, and now-
“Um.. dear, what is your name?” she says, cooing again.
Digging up something resembling courage, I meekly reply, “I’m…I’m… Midnight. Midnight Star.”
“Midnight Star. Such a cute name for a cutie like yourself” Fleur-De-Lis replied, making me smile a bit, and warm up to her a bit more as she squeezed me a bit more.
“You’re… pretty yourself, Fleur-De-Lis” I meekly said, a mixture of happiness and nervousness flowing through me. She must’ve noticed, because she squeezed me a bit tighter, closer.
“Oh, I know I am. And you can just call me Fleur. But what brings you over here? Surely you know that Canterlot beaches aren’t usually for… common ponies” Fleur asked, as if the common ponies comment didn’t really make me feel any worse about being an Earth pony.
“Uh… I, well, I… like it here. It’s calming to me, it makes me feel a bit better, and it’s, um, beautiful… like you!” I said, squeaking & pausing at the end, causing me to blush a little bit more.
Fleur simply stared at me, her face impassive. Oh great - I screwed up again. That could only explain her face and her not speaking to me, and her hands falling away from me.
“I’m sorry, I-II guess I’ll go now” I started to get up, like I screwed up again and I’d just-
I was stopped when Fleur pulled me down next to her again, pulling me closer than before, her eyes staring into mine, a smile stretched across her face…
Background Pony #5E13
It… it started like any dusk for me, I guess.
It was a lonely dusk on the beach for me, admiring the sunset. I never really had too many friends, and my friends were currently out of town, leaving me here by myself. I spent the days between gaming (Battlefriend: NLR Rising DLC was SO much fun) & going through comic books. I never was much good with others, and was a bit too shy for my own good.
I loved the sunset. It really was beautiful, the array of colors, the sunlight reflecting off the water, the rays of light smiling back at me. Shirtless in only my shorts, I basked in the sunlight as it kissed me gingerly.
Such a beautiful dusk it was, it almost took away the thoughts of loneliness, the thoughts about a cute mare, the day’s str-
“Such a beautiful dusk isn’t it, darling?”
I was snapped out of my reverie by a beautiful, feminine voice. Turning my head, I opened my mouth to respond.
“Uh… it is~~”
I stopped midsentence when my eyes saw the mare in question.
She was… stunning to say the least. A unicorn, almost a pale pink, with her long purple mane & tail flowing in the wind. Her long, slender legs, those breasts barely contained by her swimsuit, the tower leaving her hand, her bluish eyes staring at me seductively.
“It..it..it..it is!” I exclaimed, squeaking a little too loud. Blushing, I covered my mouth in embarrassment and looked away. Just my luck, I thought: a beautiful, sexy mare staring at me, and here I am, too shy to say anything, starting to shake nervously a little~~
“Don’t you just love the beauty of Celestia’s sun?” she cooed to me, her hand resting softly on my shoulder, her sensual yet kind eyes staring back into me.
This mare, whoever she was, took a liking to me and here I was about to blow it again-
“You… seem a little shy, dear. Let me help you with that” she said, this time pulling me close to her, to her soft, supple skin as we sat down together.
I wanted to leave, I wanted to blush, even cry a little… yet I sat with her, wrapping my arm around her in return.
“So, darling, my name is Fleur-de-Lis…”