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suggestive192465 artist:bylisboa72 applejack202316 fluttershy261050 rarity219393 spike92989 twilight sparkle360902 dragon86932 ghost4045 pegasus506919 pony1626920 unicorn549041 g42052439 age difference4708 angry37035 caught4444 dead5390 dialogue95392 female1827704 giving up the ghost89 horn203031 implied applespike46 implied shipping7322 implied sparity528 implied straight6602 implied twispike136 jealous1510 jealous rarity28 kiss mark1782 kissing33037 lies501 lipstick17046 lucky bastard2121 male558960 monochrome176404 ship:flutterspike721 shipping257344 spike gets all the mares913 spike you lucky bastard20 spikelove1411 straight181639 wingboner9709


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Background Pony #A4FC
Louis Pillda, Rubber Bandit,Whamm Bamm Weasel Cake, Christian Brutal Plasma Wisp & Gay Walkis:WHAT THE CRABCAKES?!
Background Pony #C08A
Love how applejack gets jealous and twilight’s shocked expression aswell as rarity’s… Well I don’t know what that’s called, but most call that “the soul leaveing the body” expression