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safe1658827 artist:caycowa83 applejack165930 fluttershy207545 pinkie pie211500 rainbow dash228456 rarity177551 twilight sparkle294184 earth pony231532 pegasus273378 pony922948 unicorn304042 bedroom eyes57242 bust46801 face1527 featured image846 glare8164 looking at you160166 mane six31137 open mouth137355 smiling235877 wink23674


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@Background Pony #0357
Like @Nightweaver20xx said, it's fairly random. Sometimes (easter, april's fools day, karpet-shark) a pic is featured because it's relevant to the time of the year; other times it's an old classic.

Another factor that (at least for me) plays into account is how many votes a pic, and artist tag as a whole, has (at the time of featuring, that is). Although there are always exceptions, etc.

Overall, for this one the previous one was just way overdue for a replacement, this one was nice (haven't seen this art style around a lot), didn't have a crapton of votes already, so why not?

Now hang on, we do actually have a Featured Image suggestions thread, from which things actually do get picked from time to time. Not all of them though, and I generally tend to ignore the ones having a score of 150 or higher altogether. That, and animated pictures.
We don't really plan ahead or anything. Usually one of us goes "uh, we probably need to set a new featured image" and then we just open some pictures and choose one.
Background Pony #6AFB
I don't have anything against the artist but… why is this featured? I've seen waaaay better drawings.
Background Pony #CEA0
Am I the only one who thinks this looks like something out of Transformers Cybertron?

Change the images around a bit and you've got something…