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dead source31844 safe1922162 artist:jittery-the-dragon136 fluttershy233463 mouse1442 pegasus383670 pony1269562 rodent41 bed48433 behaving like a cat2548 bronybait3180 cute228807 dead4734 female1557079 fluffy16261 fluttercat171 flutterpred724 happy36981 hunting107 looking at you207811 mare589615 messy mane8886 mouth hold20516 pointless pony tips35 shyabetes16415 simple background481567 sitting75601 smiling316211 solo1227624 spread wings70987 tail58443 transparent background239601 wide eyes18501


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Background Pony #E146
most of that makes sense except that she “samples” them if by sample you mean eat a small piece of it i highly doubt that, after all they aren’t quadruped humans, they are just sapient, colourful horses that speak english, TL:DR their ponies not humans, their still herbivores.
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this makes sense,  
we have seen her feed fish and worms to other animals so if she knew humans eat meat she would bring us raw meat.  
always explain the importance of cooking to a pony.
Background Pony #81FC
This is taking the poni=cat thing a bit beyond my suspension of disbelief
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I miss the show so much
I seriously hope that’s just a toy mouse.
Otherwise Flutters is going to spend years in therapy.