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Background Pony #C275
Sunset guts
Sunset’s friends gasp
Sunset: What did you do with my crown
Twilight: Sorry I had to pee this way…. Princess!
Sounds sweet Who was that?
To be continued
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Background Pony #26A4
Crown crown she’s got my crown stop thief she’s stolen my crown!
To be counted
Background Pony #0F5B
Princess Celestia: this is no ordinary mirror it is a gateway to another world and gateway they only opens once every thinny moons.
It’s always been kept in the phone number Cantor Castle but after Queen persist took over because of empire we send the head er for her to watch over.
Princess Luna I have always hoped Twilight sparkle was some day use it to return honestly this is not what’s happened.
Princess cadence Sunset you must use this mirror into this other realm and achieve your crown without it elements Harmony have no power and the question is nothing means a defense.
Princess luna Do you understand the importance of a task?
Sunset Of course.
Good they must go once.
Background Pony #F5CF
The other girl’s gaps
Sunset shimmer: what did you do with my crown.
Twilight sparkle: sorry had to be this way princess
In Twilight sparkles go to the mirror
Sour sweet: who was that
Princess luna: Twilight sparkle a former student mine she began her studies with me not long before sunset when she don’t get get as quickly as she liked she turned cool and dishonest.
Background Pony #C482
What this is just so so annoying and I guess so but I guess well I hope they make a movie about this but Don’t Don’t worry because this is just it doing Twilight plans you send me since.
Background Pony #020E
If I got this right they probably took this scene from the first one and made it into where sunset shimmer is an alicorn and Twilight is an unicorn
Background Pony #A188
“Helped hunt down and destroyed the rest of my alicorn race. She betrayed and murdered your parents. Now the alicorns are all but extinct. Twilight was seduced by the dark side of knowledge and magic.