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safe1556807 edit114737 edited screencap54058 screencap195352 apple bloom46207 pinkie pie201515 earth pony190940 pony827928 call of the cutie614 artifact1040 baking610 caption17966 chef's hat569 cupcake4848 drugs2178 duo48032 duo female7323 faic11225 female881046 filly58446 fuck i'm high22 great moments in animation699 hat74756 high668 image macro35275 jumping2972 junkie pie62 mare405012 meme77964 silly6962 silly pony2832 text49909 vulgar19412


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Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

Ah, nostalgia. One of the first pony images I'd ever seen. Didn't even know shit about the show at the time. Saved it and put it up on Omegle cam for a laugh.
How little I knew back then.