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from source:
A painting from the SAI times "
February 12 2014
safe1689624 artist:fruitbloodmilkshake82 philomena1067 princess celestia94299 princess luna98476 twilight sparkle298375 alicorn221265 phoenix1762 pony951285 unicorn316118 book33096 cloud30305 epic1362 female1347550 glow4305 jewelry61976 levitation11940 magic72391 magic aura3953 mare472754 pet1892 regalia19413 scenery7940 sky13882 spread wings53764 telekinesis27293 unicorn twilight16889 vertigo241 volcano364


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The princesses march to the battlefield, their mere presence is a clear sign of the onslaught that the enemy forces will suffer…

Also, Twilight is reading a book.
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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012
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reverse search almost never works with pics that were posted before it was created, in those cases you have me…
Background Pony #5D99
some funky writing happening in comment section http://twentypercentcooler.net/post/show/13611/alicorn-armor-book-clouds-equine-flowing_hair-frui