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It was not exactly the thing Cherry Spices was most proud of. In fact, it was her most closely guarded secret. She… well, as Equestrian Secret Service put it, was for all intents and purposes, certain ’Rarity’…

Witness protection programs sure have side effects at times. Namely, nopony guessed that Cherry Spices would actually adopt her new personality at her new foster family, to the point of occasionally forgetting her origins… of her witness the deaths of her true parents.

She has more or less started over, but at times… very ’rare’ times… her past comes back to haunt her. It is times like these that she remembers… she is nothing but a front, a ’costume maker pony’ to keep would-be dangerous ponies at bay.

She is almost scared how well that front works at times. She has a new set of friends, none of whom knows who she really is.


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