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Fallen Oak charity art pack - Nuclear Neighs and Deco Days

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All the sick ponies of Ponyville.
Includes hairless-tail-guy, swollen-hooves-guy (ampersand cutie mark), swollen-rump-guy (who Twinkleshine has the bad luck to be standing behind), not-Coco-Pommel, Sea Swirl with a cone collar, and more.

safe2200415 screencap298050 air way87 apple bobber4 caligula (g4)22 cherry berry2563 cloud kicker2395 cultivar88 dirtbound21 emerald green134 foggy fleece25 geri101 grapescruff9 green gem134 jelly jam11 jinx164 linky1951 minuette6945 pearly whites87 pokey oaks73 sassaflash1173 screw loose612 sea swirl1952 seafoam1952 shoeshine2062 silver shill198 spring melody1452 sprinkle medley1452 theodore donald "donny" kerabatsos105 twinkleshine2723 velvet light40 earth pony515883 pegasus508643 pony1630843 unicorn551015 g42056504 leap of faith772 background character607 background pony12399 bandage7874 bandaid3351 butt236386 butt tail131 disabled265 elizabethan collar55 female1832255 injured4636 male560569 mare760123 not coco33 plot147525 reddened butt1329 screwy8 stallion200281 tootle flute8 wheelchair592


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Background Pony #34F5
“Dear Princess Celestia, today I learned that ponies can have cankles.”