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Victim of Thanos
Rainbow Shake: Good morning, Carlestia. How's it goin'?
Princess Carlestia: Oh, yeah, good morning to you too there, Ms. Speed Monster, this is how it is goin'. Look at my freakin' car! It has been crushed to bajesus and back!
Rainbow examines the wreckage for a quick second, then looks back at Carlestia
Rainbow Shake: Have you got any estimates?
Princess Carlestia: Oh, for the friggin— I JUST FOUND IT THIS WAY!
Rainbow Shake: Carlestia…
Princess Carlestia: I just walked out here, for frickin' sake!
Rainbow Shake: Hey Carlestia! It's okay…It's cool, man! I'm a Wonderbolt! Clear the crime scene and let me think!
Rainbow closely examines the totaled car again before coming to her usually ridiculous conclusions
Rainbow Shake: CHANGELINGS DID IT!!! That'll be 20 bits!