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Victim of Thanos
Rainbow Shake: Quick, Carlestia! The ray is upon you! Where do you work?
Princess Carlestia: I done told ya, I work out of the home! Now stop with the Freak Beam!
Rainbow Shake: Send Carlestia to the home, then!
Twilock: To the home!
Princess Carlestia: STAY OUT OF MY POOL!
Twilock tosses Carlestia up in the air and she lands flat on her back on the roof of her castle
Princess Carlestia: Oh, my hips! My hips…
Rainbow Shake: Okay, that'll be 20 bits!
Twilock: So, what now Rainbow?
Rainbow Shake: We shall solve the mystery from Carlestia's pool!
Princess Carlestia: groans in pain No, no, don't go to my pool…
Rainbow Shake: Go to the bank!
Duck - Quite attached to Lightningbolt. Exemplary.
Since the Beginning  -

"No ,no, no, dis is good, dis is fine. Look , I tell dis here pony to bring me a beer, he does it. I see some buttocks I like, I grab em. Don't even have to use the credit card or none. I see that odda horse monsta over there with the purple hair, looking like somethin out of a mag I regret buyin. I tell her to go back to her weirdo freak friends. And on top of all , HOHSE GENITALS hahahahahahahah!

My life is so very empty."
Background Pony #D16F
"Someone wanna tell me why my pool is full of cupcake wrappers and dirty dishes?"

"Hey, hey, Twilight, you made a dead friend! He's dead. Oh, you're leavin'? Whattya doin'? You haven't even urinated on all of my castle yet!"

"And do you, Princess… how do you pronounce this?"
"Look, just say, 'Smith' or 'Jones' or somethin'. It don't matter. None 'a' dis matters."