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You go there and I’ll go too
I’ll be the one that follows you
Watch you sleep and watch you wake
Notice all the moves you make
suggestive (113149)artist:whydomenhavenipples (1434)twilight sparkle (260651)oc (525463)oc:anon (10587)human (130821)a christmas story (34)bed (31013)black and white (9670)grayscale (31243)lamp (1914)leg lamp (8)magic (57553)major award (9)monochrome (134508)neo noir (1734)night (19444)not creepy (259)partial color (3918)prestigious award (1)sleeping (19238)stalker (265)voyeur (394)watching (880)window (5992)

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I would never in my life own that leg lamp from the Christmas Story. I’d either have to smash it or move out and leave it for the next owner.
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