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suggestive139729 artist:deviousskull19 apple bloom48776 earth pony238607 anthro254136 apple15915 apple bloom's bow1275 barn3083 basket3003 belly button75689 bow27808 breasts270242 bucket2288 busty apple bloom1715 cleavage33746 clothes449659 daisy dukes1374 female1338352 food68365 fruit1021 hair1659 hair bow15086 older25958 older apple bloom2042 red hair869 red tail166 shorts13611 sitting61549 solo1045266 solo female177009 stool1642 stupid sexy apple bloom154 tail26196 underboob3840


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Bringer of Magic
I like how everyone here is questioning the blue apple, and not saying anything about the real apple here that needs attention, hehehe!