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Based on kilala97’s next gen  
Ill put the history here:  
This was going to be a busy day, and Spike had stayed home to take care of Clarity and Turquoise~~” Spike, please take good care of the kids while im out”~~ Rarity said~~”Dont worry honey, our children are in good hands, MY hands, right kids?”~~ “Yay were going to stay with Dad!”- Claire and T cheerfully said- “Dont worry babe, Ill take care of them”- Spike said~~” Oh I know you will, My Spikey Wikey”~~ “Yes, My Beautiful Gem”- and they both nuzzled nose to nose and shared a kiss~~” Ew, mom, dad, dont be mushy”~~ “Yes, its so gross”- Claire and T said with looks of disgust.  
The day was very fun, Spike and his children played lots of fun games, Claire and T loved having cuality time with their father, and Spike felt the same way with his children.  
But was at lunch time when things got…. stupid. “Papa, whats that thing at the ceiling”- Turquoise asked pointing at something- “ Yes what is it Dad”- Clarity asked- “Calm down, its just a spider”- Spike said carefree, but they stopped eating when their little guest responded- “Ha! im not a simple spider, im an EVIL spider, and this house will be soonly my domain”- “Thats not true, we live here, its OUR house”- Clarity said, always challenging,- “Oh, silly little girl, thats a fact to change”- “HEY, HEY, HEY, its MY daughter the one youre talking to”- “Hah hah! dragons are just some big fat lazy lizards, im not afraid of you!”- the spider said mockingly~~”Dont tell dad those things, dagons are cool”~~ Turquoise said, struggling with his newly learned speech,” Hah, well come and get my slimos, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!” the spider said as it went away~~”…. Son, Daughter, that spider has declared us war, will we let it insult us?”~~ “NO!”- “Will we let it conquer our house?”- “NO!”- “Will we let it win against us!?- “NOOOO!!!”- said that, Spike and his kids started the most brutal and violent war theyve ever have had, the spider was undoubtly evil, runnig away from every trap, and worse of all inmune to bug killer.  
Spike and his kids were at the brink of defeat, panting heavily,- “Oh, give up, its no use, I am a superior being, better and smarter than you, you cant defeat me, MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!”- the spider said,- “What are we gonna do Dad, the spider will win”- Clarity said worried~~” Yes, and mama will be very angry”~~ Turquoise added, Spike was worried, if the spider won, they would have no place to live, he had to think of something, for his family, and then it hit him, he was a dragon, he could breath fire~~”Kids, I have a plan, but I need all the fabric you can get!~~ “Mama has alot of fabric in her room”- “Great T lets go get it for Dad”- Claire and T said.  
The spider was at the living room, feeling victorious, but soon found itself over a bunch of fabric, and turned over to see the 3 dragons(well, dragon and hipodragons) that were looking at it- “Dont you understand? I have won, im invincivle, HAHAHA!”- the spider mocked~~”Hmm, well you seem to survive all, but can you survive fire?”~~ Spike said, and Claire and T threw a splash of cooking oil at the spider~~”ACK!, whats this?”~~ “Your doom, tiny villiain”- and Spike let out a stream of green flames that engulfed the evil arachnid,“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! why has this happened!? I will return and have my revenge!!!! AH,X_X” and the spider turned into ashes, and then a explosion followed, Spike and the kids where sent Flying from the house, but hurtless, and they all saw the house burning in front of their eyes~~”YAY! we killed the spider”~~ Clarity and T said Joyfuly,- “Yes kids, we did it!”- Spike said raising his arms in the air in victory, and they all danced a bit, celebrating their victory over the 8 footed menace~~”Hey, lets go for some ice cream and tell mom!”~~ Spike said~~”Yay ice cream!”~~ Claire and T said.  
And thy left to the ice cream store.  


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