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safe1971227 artist:pixelkitties1209 princess luna109244 sweetie belle53441 alicorn274348 pony1322908 unicorn446189 50's fashion53 50s96 adorkable4052 alternate hairstyle33418 bipedal leaning2296 board game448 bow38139 bracelet12739 braces1605 card3176 clothes559059 cute236127 diasweetes3383 dice546 dork4366 dress53714 fashion591 female1602866 filly84721 frown28790 garbage day31 glasses77378 grin52962 horseshoes2591 jewelry91230 lunabetes3973 mare618095 necklace25874 open mouth197678 raised eyebrow7938 ribbon8252 silent night deadly night22 simple background501136 skirt47974 smiling331082 stratego3 tabletop game329 transparent background247532


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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nobody's favorite
Found the egghead.  
Words cannot express how hilariously adorkable 50’s Luna is.
Also, “Sharp Corners” amuses me and i have no idea why.
It’s possible there’s no board in there. Alternatively, you might have to fit the board in your nose to win.

“.. and in this game you play the part of an amature animator as he/she tries to stay one step ahead of a studio’s legal team!… It’s very hard to win.”