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dead source19515 safe1577620 artist:misterdavey228 rainbow dash219625 rarity169898 pegasus240348 pony847422 unicorn267049 adventure in the comments1245 animated92095 bedroom eyes51619 bipedal30659 blushing176127 bubble4435 candle4153 clothes409821 creepy rainbow dash29 crush349 crush plush102 cuddling7851 cute177878 daaaaaaaaaaaw3110 dancing7614 dashabetes7984 derail in the comments273 diabetes594 dinner230 doctor who in the comments1 doctor who thread9 doll5789 dress39599 eye contact6171 eye shimmer1152 eyes closed80380 fantasizing121 featured image787 female901018 flower22181 food60979 frame327 gala dress4264 hnnng2262 hug25512 imagination272 jontron in the comments3 jontron thread135 juice1177 juice box888 kissing22472 lesbian92283 misterdavey is trying to murder us5 nightgown1290 nose wrinkle2828 not creepy260 nuzzling3747 out of character885 picture1152 picture frame674 plate1500 plates107 plushie21885 rainbow dash always dresses in style1520 rainbow dash's house278 raribetes4623 raridash1839 rarity plushie191 refrigerator468 rose3487 see-through4514 shipping184241 smiling215504 snuggling6473 spiderman in the comments1 spiderman thread33 spoon1252 spread wings47921 standing10191 table8209 waifu dinner246 wall of tags2312 waltz31 weapons-grade cute3215


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Phantom Rider

You are already booped.
This is the cutest thing ever. Sad that it's all in her head in the end… c'mon, Dash, she's one of your best friends, but the window of opportunity won't last forever.
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@Background Pony #CF4E
Coming from someone that does like some of Davey's art, I think you're making a horrible argument. I don't think you remember how his videos used to work. He would more or less deceive people into thinking the videos were normal by using cute thumbnails. The grimdark stuff he made relied a lot on shock value.
Background Pony #AB03
Those people who hate on his grimdark art is stupid, i mean, if you don’t like that kind of stuff don’t click on it. I wish davey didn’t have to quit and leave the fandom. I’ll miss him if he did.
Background Pony #D0E2
Well now that I'm updated on this topic, I'll say this.

While I personally prefer not to mix genre/ratings when it comes to certain forms of media. Esspesally cartoons, it was for that reason I never cared for their content. If their is a content creator I don't care for I simply go to their settings and take them out of my recommendations or block/ignore them all together and that's it. But I would never go as far as to bully/harshly critize anyone for what they create. (Unless it was actually pushing legal boundaries but I prefer to stay away from those sort of topics)

Even though this Phantom has slowly grew into the mainstream it still gets a lot of hate. And it's a shame fellow fans can't at least tolerate each other or have a mutual agreement to respect one another. Just because someone doesn't like something that a preson creates that never mix it right to bash on someone to the point where they give up on what they enjoyed entirely. I've been through that before and it sucks it's an awful feeling. Like I said from the start, I NEVER liked Davey content at all. But, I simply ignored them and left it at that. But too many people these days don't know how to just leave people alone. I'm simple: if I don't like something then won't watch/play/read it. I hope what Davey does now, that their enjoying what they do and I wish them well.

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