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Artwork by Succubii (from DevianTART). Commissioned by Yet-One-More-Idiot (me, also from dA).
My Little Pony Generations. Some of my favourite ponies.
Bow Tie (Specials)  
Wind Whistler (movie/G1 series)  
Bright Eyes (Tales series)  
Princess Rarity (G3)  
Starsong (G3.5)  
Trixie (Friendship is Magic)  
Twilight Sparkle (Equestria Girls)
Completed. Enjoy! :D
Lineart: >>576886
safe1974623 artist:succubii6 bowtie (g1)334 bright eyes216 rarity203395 rarity (g3)440 starsong411 trixie74781 twilight sparkle333316 wind whistler578 alicorn275057 earth pony362848 human204293 pegasus408149 pony1327035 unicorn447919 equestria girls234297 equestria girls (movie)8390 g118669 g37796 g3.51405 g47336 my little pony tales1137 the runaway rainbow358 bipedal43871 colored22318 commission97016 comparison5119 crystal princess: the runaway rainbow15 evolution chart120 princess rarity139 roller skates1335 twilight sparkle (alicorn)138738


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Yet One More Idiot
Artist -

World's biggest idiot xD
Surprise was a good pony, and as I recall she had a few appearances in the G1 series (a couple of times as Danny’s prankster friend iirc). But for me, it was always going to be between Wind Whistler and Fizzy (O, and North Star came in a close third). :)
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I’ve not seen too much of the original G1, but Surprise would have to be my favorite in that (and if artists won’t draw my pony self and Trixie for “Canon x OC”, then I can pick Surprise since she’s not had a boyfriend in that era).
Yet One More Idiot
Artist -

World's biggest idiot xD
Well, to anybody who hates the previous generations of ponies, you know what?
Good for you; but I don’t care. :)
As far as I’m concerned, all the generations of ponies can get along together! :D