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Alara Rogers

OK, got sick of being a background pony, so I finally got around to making an account.

The text at the original source says something like, "Those damn ponies are always going on and on about how important family is, so if I try to build my own daughter, she should be absolutely adorable… I can't wait for her birth" and then at the very end something about "if the uncle imagines, ah, so cute", which makes no sense unless Pasikon is a middle-aged guy. "Ojisan", uncle, can be used to refer to a middle-aged guy and in other contexts could be referring to Discord here, but given that he is explicitly Screwball's father… unless he's referring to himself as "ojisan" in which case it's something like "if this old fellow imagines it… oh, so cute"… actually, that's probably what it is.

So yeah. He's making Screwball. Because those jerkwad ponies think family is soooo important. (Ponydomo is slightly archaic variant of ponytachi, meaning ponykind, or ponies; the suffix -me is usually translated as "damned", and basically means you are severely irritated with the noun you just attached the suffix to.)

Note that I am not fluent; I studied Japanese for three years and have done some professional translation, but that was twenty years ago, and between being rusty, language change, and never having gotten perfect in the first place, I may be wrong about some of this. Including, since there are no pronouns being used, who exactly is talking… it could just as easily be Discord or someone talking about him. I'm guessing from the slight archaic-ness of the language, frequently attached to villains in anime, that it's Discord talking, but I could be wrong about that. However I am pretty sure that the general gist is that he is making an adorable daughter of his own because ponies think family is important.
Artist -

i feel like there is something im not getting…is it something like the soul of screw ball is floating in that beaker waiting to 'hatch' and discord is incubating it?