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safe1601606 artist:uotapo897 princess celestia90548 princess luna94915 alicorn202951 pony870257 :t3614 balcony1314 caught3047 comic102410 crying40574 cute183843 donut1850 door3727 dramatic entrance30 female1274030 flying35157 food63190 frown21680 glowing eyes10185 horn grab211 krispy kreme8 levitation10915 long tail2090 magic67487 mare433329 night23802 open mouth127687 sad22957 sisters7685 speech bubble20820 spread wings49041 swallowing1807 tail21674 telekinesis25182 this will end in tears and/or death2176 wide eyes16231


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30 comments posted
Background Pony #770C
If it wasn't raining cats and dogs, I'd stop by at my local Duncan Donuts to get some.
Yet One More Idiot
Artist -

World's biggest idiot xD
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This is cute, I can totally imagine Celly scoffing Lulu's doughnuts. xD
Background Pony #BF29
Why does Celestia have doughnut around her horn? Is she trying to stack as many doughnuts as she can?
Background Pony #15D5
'Tia, why did you eat my donuts?
I bought them, and they were mine.
But you ate them; you ate my donuts.
And I cried, but you didn't see me cry.

Do you even love me?
Well I wish you would show it
Because I wouldn't know it.

What kind of sister eats her siblings
And doesn't even look her in the eyes?
'Tia, there were tears there.
If you saw them, would you even care?