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oh god
safe1658827 artist:mrponiator269 princess celestia93107 twilight sparkle294184 alicorn215243 pony922948 unicorn304042 60 fps474 animated96190 blinking3491 boop7167 cute192567 cutelestia3492 daaaaaaaaaaaw3537 dithering36 eye contact6338 eyes closed88351 featured image846 female1321739 filly63982 filly twilight sparkle2654 happy29979 heartwarming641 hnnng2370 lidded eyes29348 mare458391 momlestia975 mrponiator is trying to murder us1 noseboop2712 nuzzling3857 pixel art10071 ponyloaf384 prone24723 simple background377636 smiling235877 sprite2158 sweet dreams fuel1171 transparent background195394 twiabetes11305 unicorn twilight16035 weapons-grade cute3568 younger16781


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@Background Pony #5FA1
Are you Randumb, I guess?
Well, what can I say… the art is good and refined, and everyone can appreciate it (or every nerd at least — and there's full of nerds on Derpibooru).
But it's the subject that it's over-the-top adorable! Every small flaw, which can be noted by experts only, is forgotten.

So, have a happy Lyra for 1K+ score: