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safe (1520425) artist:zutheskunk (187) rainbow dash (213564) spitfire (12503) pony (796943) .svg available (7181) absurd resolution (62993) belly button (63911) bipedal (29202) body writing (1828) confused (3748) cute (166799) cutefire (182) dashabetes (7470) duo (44978) frown (20848) literal (347) pictogram (1732) question mark (3851) raised eyebrow (5827) simple background (324301) speech bubble (19058) this will end in tickles (52) transparent background (168940) vector (70175)


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18 comments posted
Background Pony #A29A
Pokes belly button
Dash/Spitfire: "I'm a pegasus pony, are you a pegasus pony too?"

Rainbow Dash: Twilight, what the heck kind of spell did you cast on us?

Twilight: pokes Rainbow's belly.

Rainbow: I have the prettiest wings! shakes of off. Oh, that is so not cool.