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I couldn't agree more. Rarity is very supportive of Fluttershy, but at the same time, she's gentle enough to make her feel comfortable with herself. This is in direct contrast to Rainbow Dash, who is Fluttershy's childhood friend, but is much more aggressive when it comes to motivating her. Not that it's a bad thing, because to Fluttershy's credit, she DOES make an effort to push herself, and keep up with the program.
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…Wouch. I felt a weird, unsettling numbness around my mid-lower general chest area when I looked at this while I was listening to something at the same time, the very same thing I normally feel when looking at just the right kind of rainbowy scenery.

I'm beginning to wonder if the possibility of actually hnnnging (the real, bad way) because of an image is in any way even remotely close to real, if I'm actually experiencing some completely different thing, or if I'm just weird. Third thing's probably true either way.

Anyway, that Flutterface. So cute.
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Now that I think about it, Rarity has been pretty good for Fluttershy's self confidence.

Not pushing her TOO hard but still pushing her.
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This is lovely. It pisses me off that people have tagged it as shipping, as it really doesn't look like that at all. That's no romantic hug, that's a "it's alright" hug.
Ignoring that though, I really like this! Friends like this who really care and try to make things right are so important.