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Clean version of >>555874
dead source34442 safe1973038 artist:zeldafan777223 princess cadance36753 princess celestia105142 princess luna109306 twilight sparkle333105 alicorn274725 pony1325129 absurd resolution71608 alicorn tetrarchy1152 belly36189 belly bed3464 belly button95831 big belly16393 butt179410 chubby15469 chubby cheeks4881 chubbylestia1037 fat26106 female1604848 immobile3556 impossibly large belly13211 mare619201 morbidly obese9388 obese13745 overweight440 plot115411 princess moonpig672 sisters-in-law1113 squishy3235 squishy belly62 stuffed1975 stuffing1437 twilard sparkle1590 twilight sparkle (alicorn)138631 weight gain5194


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