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safe1708407 artist:rain-gear213 twilight sparkle300573 alicorn224823 pony969481 book33515 cabin165 color porn1071 crepuscular rays2849 cute200103 female1364925 folded wings6042 glow4386 lake1541 levitation12133 magic73359 mare481613 profile6178 prone25570 reading6276 scenery8043 scenery porn847 smiling249042 solo1065563 telekinesis27776 tree32295 twiabetes11777 twilight sparkle (alicorn)123775 under the tree263 water13290 wings107738


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>1920 pixels wide

>1200 pixels tall

That's 230,400 innocent pixels I'd have to murder to make this a wallpaper, and even one is a terrible sin for pictures this good.