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safe1783370 artist:rain-gear213 twilight sparkle310022 alicorn238683 pony1083499 book35238 cabin175 color porn1081 crepuscular rays3267 cute209879 female1432221 folded wings7463 glowing5832 lake1628 levitation12880 magic77143 mare518006 profile6446 prone26977 reading6536 scenery8400 scenery porn885 smiling271828 solo1120128 telekinesis29516 tree34612 twiabetes12462 twilight sparkle (alicorn)127857 under the tree274 water14659 wings130468


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>1920 pixels wide  
>1200 pixels tall  
That’s 230,400 innocent pixels I’d have to murder to make this a wallpaper, and even one is a terrible sin for pictures this good.