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safe2199273 artist:peichenphilip81 applejack202564 fleetfoot2678 fluttershy261372 pinkie pie258603 rainbow dash283073 rarity219659 scootaloo59235 soarin'18024 spike93079 spitfire15832 twilight sparkle361346 alicorn319802 dragon87166 earth pony515476 pegasus508153 pony1629799 unicorn550507 g42055328 bedroom eyes83519 bipedal50358 blushing279505 box of chocolates312 everypony loves dash5 eyes on the prize6888 female1830982 fleetdash47 fluffy19978 glare9094 gritted teeth19738 hearts and hooves day2947 hoof hold13318 hug38192 lesbian119212 magic98035 male560164 mane seven7953 mane six37879 mare759367 open mouth243011 pie4271 puffy cheeks5219 rainbow dash gets all the mares106 rainbow dash gets everyone1 rearing7847 rope16174 rose5341 saloon dress445 ship:appledash7971 ship:flutterdash6150 ship:gildash392 ship:pinkiedash3707 ship:raridash2132 ship:scootadash885 ship:soarindash7641 ship:sparity8267 ship:spitdash512 ship:twidash5904 shipping257726 shivering2656 smiling406429 straight182021 telekinesis39678 tsundere3499 twilight sparkle (alicorn)150870 valentine's day5279 whip2120 wide eyes20015


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Background Pony #6A60
Sometimes I think that Rarity could have a secret crush in Dash, she looks cute blushing at her here.
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Pathetic Failure
I think the only six mares that aren’t into Rainbow are Vinyl Scratch, Octavia Melody, Lyra Heartstrings, Sweetie Drons, Berry Punch, and Minuette. There may be others, but these are the first six that popped into my mind.