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dead source21591 safe1656711 artist:karpet-shark382 twilight sparkle293926 alicorn214825 pony921031 twily-daily379 caught3210 chest fluff36385 chocolate3264 cute192294 featured image845 feels1559 female1319924 fluffy13743 forever alone245 frown22237 heart shaped box35 hearts and hooves day2125 hoof hold7957 looking at you159807 looking back54304 mare457435 nervous5465 open mouth136919 sitting60180 solo1032016 sweat25113 tumblr34775 twilight sparkle (alicorn)120967 valentine1400 valentine's day3521 wide eyes16632


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Background Pony #3490
@Tenafly Viper

You're going about this the wrong way just think how many ponies here will not only give you those chocolates but be glad to do it!
Background Pony #DE26
@Tenafly Viper
i don't like either of those, either. and this is derpibooru, the place where people of conflicting opinions come to discuss the one thing they have in common: the opinions are about pony.