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safe1727382 artist:megarexetera279 dj pon-329472 octavia melody23996 vinyl scratch29473 earth pony256761 pony987655 unicorn332488 blatant lies1337 blushing201013 confession225 eye contact6540 female1381719 friendzone161 implied straight5429 lesbian98122 lies437 lying3722 mare491187 not gay216 on back24678 open mouth149927 question mark4612 scratchtavia2973 shipping202917 shipping denied906 simple background401241 smiling254386 standing12528 tsundere2907 white background100301


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Background Pony #8D9A
That's what I said and look at me now; fangirling over pony yuri. Be careful Tavi
Background Pony #BC7D
Octavia seems overly defensive, seeing as its just a hug.
I am imagining that Vinyl is going "Wat u talking bout gurl?"
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All joking aside, despite the dire warnings (or is it secret fantasies?) of conservative politicians, you can't turn someone homosexual by sexing them up.