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suggestive148350 artist:ekrostrance17 fluttershy217189 human158899 belly button81196 blushing204535 boob socks38 breasts288556 busty fluttershy17907 clothes475741 female1401312 green underwear1069 handstand315 humanized101901 humiliation2212 light skin4817 panties51478 shirt lift2930 solo1093984 solo female183638 sweater14910 sweatershy3208 tailed humanization3060 underwear62470 upside down5734 winged humanization8848


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Sunset Shimmer Fan
What I have heard from actual large-breasted girls is that this is pretty much impossible. Fluttershy must either have insane arm strength and phenomenal balance, or there is something behind her back propping her up.

Oh wait… she's got wings. That might help too.
Background Pony #7264
Add "out" as a suffix to "with" and substitute the "s" on "pants" with "ies" and I agree.