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safe1706300 artist:grasspainter24 twilight sparkle300329 oc684563 oc:ruhig fortepiano33 alicorn224417 android625 earth pony248716 pegasus291794 pony967451 robot7807 robot pony3608 unicorn323290 city4241 female1362997 flying car20 future540 futuristic260 hilarious in hindsight3179 mare480499 older26705 royal guard7765 twilight sparkle (alicorn)123660


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Background Pony #B740
1000 years after season 9, Twilight's friends, many of them passes away leaving their descendants for Twilight to take care.
They better be careful about the possibility that the legion of doom trio broke free from stone prison in this era.
Sound Mind

Pnoies need cars for the same reason we need them: It's easier than using the fleshy things we were given to get from one far away place to another.
Senile Old Pony

One of the perks of being immortal, you get to see the future. That would probably be the reason I'd take immortality. See how this whole "human race" thing plays out. Then again… that means I'd have to put up with people for more then a century…