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There’s more toy lines than just ‘Filly Princess’ though. To date:  
‘Filly forest’, ‘Beach party’, ‘Princess’, ‘Fairy’ (+ ‘Ice’ edition’), ‘Unicorn’ (+ ‘Ice’ edition’ and a newest re-release by ‘Goliath toys de’), ‘Elves’, ‘Mermaids’ ‘Wtichy’ (+ ‘Ice’ edition’), ‘Butterfly’, ‘Stars’, ‘Wedding’,‘Royale’, ‘Ballerina’, ‘Angels’ with various editions and expansions of these.  
The creators of toys were: Simba (2007-2014), Dracco, (I am not sure about Universal trends though, but I heard about them), Goliath.  
The creators for the visual styles of Fillys and the concept (aka idea) were always Dracco.  
I get it that ‘there’s no effort in the cartoon’ means ‘I dislike it’, yes.
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“Girly” is perfectly fine as long as it’s not stereotype or just plain retarded.

‘Girly’ is a stereotype.  
Every show is judged with them from time to time.  
I’m glad that at least ‘My Little Pony: FiM’ was accepted though being called ‘it’s a show for the little girls’ firstly.  
I’ve got to remind: ‘Filly’ was made by ‘Dracco’ and as it’s said, it’s in Hong Kong. ‘Simba’ was just making the toys, not the concept. And they’re (Simba) not creating ‘Filly’ anymore since 2014, I suppose.
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“Girly” equals “crap” because, to a depressing number of writers in the bweezness, “for little girls” equals “we don’t need to put any actual effort in”.
And they’re right. They should put effort in, but they don’t need to.
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I thought people were bitching about FiM at first, then I got confused and then I saw the “Filly Funtasia” tag.
…A bit of a head-up would’ve been nice, OP…

“Girly” does not mean the same thing to everyone. Don’t simply assume the worst.
Not that it can’t be the case.
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Yay, I have the only comment from derpibooru.
I won’t take back what I said. Filly Funtasia is like something that focuses on being girly, instead of FiM being a little girly but focusing on story and character development.
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Unfortunately FiM isn’t going to change the common use of a word on its own. Down the line, sure, but as of now FiM isn’t seen as “girly” because “girly”‘s always been used to mark saccharine sweet nonsense, and that’s what people will use the word for for a long time to come.