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safe1656710 artist:johnjoseco4430 discord30020 princess cadance31929 twilight sparkle293925 alicorn214824 draconequus10520 pony921029 three's a crowd1268 clothes441708 crossdressing8919 eyeshadow14690 featured image845 female1319923 femboy discord117 frown22237 grin36230 hug27184 lidded eyes29320 lip bite11159 looking at you159807 mare457434 nurse2157 nurse outfit742 raised eyebrow6437 shoes34306 sisters-in-law404 smiling234632 socks63686 stockings31168 twilight sparkle (alicorn)120967 unamused15402


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Twilight's thoughts: "This is humiliating. Seriously."

Cadence's thoughts: "…I'm keeping this outfit; think I'll give Shiny a nice surprise when his birthday rolls around next month."
Background Pony #5BBB
It a shame nurse don't wear these kind of uniforms anymore, now all they wear is some cheap, wrinkled, bland suit that looks like it hasn't been washed or days.