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safe (1413418)artist:ydenne (4)fancypants (1617)fluttershy (182284)prince blueblood (3516)rainbow dash (201997)blueshy (16)chair (4842)eyes closed (66878)fancydash (5)female (746809)frown (19365)gritted teeth (9018)male (253206)open mouth (102471)restaurant (556)scared (7687)shipping (162110)sitting (45427)smiling (180316)spread wings (40351)straight (108100)surprised (6670)waving (2054)


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Background Pony #D196
@Background Pony #F0D0
It’s supposed to be. This is likely based off the fic @marconde referenced.

It paired:
Twilight x Soarin’
Fluttershy x Blueblood
Pinkie Pie x Trixie
Rainbow Dash x Fancy Pants
Applejack x Flim
Rarity x Braeburn
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