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safe1583244 artist:ydenne4 fancypants1785 fluttershy199380 prince blueblood3847 rainbow dash220541 blueshy16 chair6058 eyes closed81065 fancydash6 female1163185 frown21513 gritted teeth10469 male308674 open mouth124810 restaurant633 scared9406 shipping184084 sitting55671 smiling217425 spread wings48278 straight121986 surprised8173 waving2572


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6 comments posted
Background Pony #6FDA
@Background Pony #F0D0
It's supposed to be. This is likely based off the fic @marconde referenced.

It paired:
Twilight x Soarin'
Fluttershy x Blueblood
Pinkie Pie x Trixie
Rainbow Dash x Fancy Pants
Applejack x Flim
Rarity x Braeburn