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safe1616825 artist:secretgoombaman123451234 bon bon15681 lyra heartstrings28431 sweetie drops15682 earth pony216398 pony884630 unicorn285727 belly25984 big belly9621 chubby cheeks3342 fat20673 feeder bon bon75 female1287044 lard-ra heartstrings179 large butt14370 lesbian91915 looking at each other17781 lyra feedee84 lyrabon3161 morbidly obese7235 obese10712 shipping188497 simple background361675 smiling224768 transparent background187376 weight gain3831


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4 comments posted
Background Pony #3C84
I was wondering if Secretgoombaman could draw Lyra crushing Bon Bon under her big belly. That'd be so hot.