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quote from the artist in /mlp/:

A teenage Mistake and Yuzu are playing videogames when Mistake shows her friend a neat trick.


First off, I named the batponysatyr "Yuzu" because:
1. Her design was inspired by Yuzuha from Tenchi Muyo and
2. A yuzu is a fruit and maybe the batponies like fruits?

I really like how this one came out and I want to make it a complete, detailed drawing. Yuzu is lying on a couch behind Mistake who sits on the floor, beginning her transformation into Yuzu herself.
Yuzu I decided to give a goth motif because of the whole bat thing and I dunno it seems to fit her, though i don't see her having the "edgy" personality of a goth, just the fashion. Mistake wears a dirty, tattered t-shirt and cutoff jeans as is her style. I want to give the image a detailed background with posters on the wall, CD's, games on shelves, etc. I will, however need to rework some things like Mistake's right hand, which I cannot for the life of me draw at this moment. I'll sleep on it. I'm really excited about this piece!
safe1553384 artist:dj-black-n-white1044 oc592642 oc only403730 oc:mistake131 oc:yuzu180 bat pony42288 changeling38971 satyr4758 amazing43 armpits41140 clothes400143 controller1956 female877795 lesbian90815 monochrome146107 offspring33414 parent:queen chrysalis977 playstation249 shipping180967 shocked5582 tanktop6568 teenager4203 thumbs up861 transformation9570


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4 comments posted
Background Pony #FAE7
I love you and your amazing art, DJ, and I would buy you a beer if I ever met you in real life.
Background Pony #5D16
Cute pic. I can definitely see the Tenchi Muyo inspiration in character design.