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Artist's description:

Rarity having some pool time with her mojito.
safe1723447 artist:yulyeen242 rarity183302 pony983837 unicorn330819 adorasexy9917 alcohol7270 alternate hairstyle28538 bedroom eyes60124 cute202388 drink4938 female1378116 glass4720 lemon349 looking at you171490 looking back58441 mare489278 mojito10 palm tree1522 plant2135 plot80321 poolside292 rearity4603 sexy29946 smiling253342 solo1075692 straw1997 stupid sexy rarity1269 sultry pose1871 sunglasses14682 swimming pool2756 tree32735 water13634 wet8168


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The Anti-Normies
>that dedupe report
The hell? why it detected three now dead pics but not the alive eone?
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Not exactly, something can be suggestive without being saucy. Best way I can define it as is something that ends up sexy but without being overtly sexual.

Most pinup style pics tend to be what I would call saucy.

I would call this one is a bit saucy >>54508
And this one is not >>54932
Background Pony #EF2C
This is kinda startlingly great. It isn't overly sexualized, it's just plain sexy. It's a VERY similar body shape as on the show, and it manages to be better than most everything else ever. Put simply, YES.