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May 27, 2012
safe1707144 artist:aliasforrent30 applejack169974 fluttershy212730 pinkie pie216272 rainbow dash234020 rarity181905 twilight sparkle300408 human154731 book33497 boots22047 cleavage34595 clothes459884 converse5666 elbow pads207 female1363743 fingerless gloves4657 front knot midriff1363 gloves20106 horn wand95 humanized100094 knee pads377 light skin4793 magic73296 mane six31912 midriff19330 roller skates806 scarf23261 shoes36758 simple background393682 skirt39791 sweater vest420 tube skirt241 wand1306 winged humanization8696


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