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artist needed25895 semi-grimdark32348 suggestive162176 applejack182221 fluttershy229486 pinkie pie231264 princess celestia101457 princess luna105681 rainbow dash251223 rarity196311 twilight sparkle322112 butterfly7990 blood27255 blushing224271 drool28047 drunk5336 drunk rarity196 drunklestia158 female1517303 hug31822 lesbian104482 mane six34197 pixiv14397 pronking1148 sake93 shipping220119 sonic rainboom1156 sweat30905 twilestia2638 violence688


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Shepard's Favorite Store on the Citadel

Allow me to explain based on what I understand;
Applejack most likely tried her hoof at making Sake (no doubt with Apples or something) for a trip to the Eastern Islands a little off coast from Equestria.
Not the ones to drink, Twilight and Fluttershy kept away from the Sake while Rarity, Celestia, and most likely Applejack had as much as they could stand.
Luna being a more stable drinker is able to handle it while her elder sister, not so much.
Meanwhile, Rainbow Dash becomes enraged at yet again missing out on Applejack’s brew and takes out her frustrations on the Mare she deems responsible, Fluttershy watches on in horror.
Pinkie Pie attempts to entertain the Princess of the Night but can’t seem to understand how she can jump the way she does and tries to seek guidance from Luna.
Celestia meanwhile now intoxicated allows her deep seated fascination with her student to cause her to show more affection then usually, preventing Twilight from trying to control Rainbow Dash’s violence or God knows whatever the Hell Rarity is doing.
Spike is not pictured here as he is peeping with Discord and Shining at the local Bathhouses.