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“I’m leaving!”  
*door slams*  
“…That’s the bathroom, Rarity.”  
safe1945462 screencap257218 applejack186325 fluttershy235743 pinkie pie236642 rainbow dash257140 rarity201173 twilight sparkle330018 alicorn269669 earth pony350432 pegasus394807 pony1295229 unicorn433575 rarity takes manehattan1517 season 44015 angry32193 animated111618 bipedal43085 female1578819 frown28006 frustrated677 galloping422 gif39190 glasses75919 hub logo10165 hubble2163 magic85132 mane six35017 mare603704 nose in the air1770 open mouth193022 rarity's glasses791 sad28136 standing17508 stomping773 talking8286 telekinesis33489 the hub2780 twilight sparkle (alicorn)137285 yelling3737


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The Anti-Normies
@A Sad Pony  
i don’t have ideas for this, but now that you mention it…can you make a looping gif of this part?  
i would post certain looping gif where the CMC are doing the same face but i can’t find it…
A Sad Pony
Artist -
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

I made a .gif once
No, I just type in something that I find amusing in the description box. If I want to convey the scene’s dialogue, I subtitle.