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safe1706192 artist:aquaticneon60 artist:borappuccino2 artist:creativenyx17 artist:danton-damnark56 artist:hellofacopter4 artist:lightningtumble73 artist:nero-narmeril98 artist:silentmatten198 artist:zee66105 bon bon16366 fluttershy212647 rarity181821 sweetie belle49036 sweetie drops16366 oc684478 oc:echo874 bat1737 bat pony49774 fruit bat319 original species25137 vampire3886 vampire fruit bat178 bats!1725 diagram191 flutterbat6843 fruit bat pony8 race swap14245 simple background393302 vampire bat3 vampire fruit bat pony10 venn diagram22 white background97828


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Background Pony #4F39
We need more fruit bat ponies!

All we have now — just costumes and recolored batponies.

So the only things we have to fear are spiders, snakes, werewolves, sharks, dying alone, zombies, clowns, heights, big dogs, robots with human brains, Johnson's wife, and fear itself!
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Planeswalker — FoME
Vampire: Any creature that feeds on the vital fluids of another organism
Bat pony: A pony with bat wings
Fruit bat pony: A pony-fruit bat chimera
Vampire bat pony: A pony with bat wings that feeds on the vital fluids of another organism
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

"vampire"- please elaborate.

Also- the difference between "vampire bat pony", "fruit bat pony" and "bat pony"- anyone?
Background Pony #898E
Vampire, vampire bat, vampire bat pony should have been left blank. Bat pony should have been a lunar guard. And by Luna's moon-crested butt should fruit bat pony have been left blank.