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safe1750565 artist:yoh yoshinari31 derpy hooves50778 pegasus309176 pony1010601 :p9453 colored pupils10136 cute205717 cutie mark background1700 derpabetes2838 featured image908 female1401917 flying39419 happy32185 lineless4045 mare502207 silly7546 silly pony3039 simple background409139 smiling260963 solo1094396 spread wings57063 tongue out108268 upside down5736 wings123123


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What if they're really old? Not everyone goes digging around the old stuff, and there's lots of newer fans who may have missed old stuff.
(and by 'really old', I mean as far as the fandom is concerned. It's only been 5 years, nothing's REALLY old)

hey I love the feature, and thank you for it showing me a new image I hadn't seen before that I could also show my friends, yay Derpy :3

But I fully agree there, on the upvotes, images that already have so many shouldn't be chosen to be featured, because they have already been seen by so many people.
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Humata, Hukhta, Hvarshta

it is. but there are just some images that already have, say, over 700 upvotes without ever being featured. i thyink that those certainly have too much upvotes to be featured.
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Manually Breathing
Contrary to popular belief, mods actually don't know every artist that's ever done fanwork and their extended portfolio. I, for one, had no idea who Yoh Yoshinari was; or rather, that this was from that same guy that EqD reported was some artist for something or other well known 3 years ago (and that I cba to look up now).