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safe1659635 artist:serenawyr72 allie way561 aloe2562 amethyst star2517 apple fritter755 apple strudel115 applejack165984 aunt orange345 auntie applesauce295 berry punch6446 berryshine6446 biff185 big macintosh27661 blossomforth1412 blow dry29 blues989 bon bon16061 braeburn6187 caesar323 caramel2461 carrot cake2056 carrot top5377 cheerilee9763 cherry berry2071 cherry jubilee1090 chickadee862 cloud kicker1952 cloudchaser3787 cloudy quartz1308 coco crusoe615 comb over23 cup cake4037 daisy2441 daring do6308 derpy hooves49410 diamond tiara10064 dizzy twister1064 dj pon-328847 doctor caballeron784 doctor fauna538 doctor horse379 doctor stable379 doctor whooves10613 dumbbell622 fancypants1897 featherweight1247 fiddlesticks470 filthy rich1126 flam2103 fleetfoot2115 fleur-de-lis3520 flim2204 flitter2943 flower wishes2309 fluttershy207625 golden harvest5377 granny smith5232 hoity toity969 holly dash118 hondo flanks522 hoops429 igneous rock pie870 jet set444 lemon hearts2106 lickety split279 lightning bolt910 lightning dust4425 lily1930 lily valley1928 linky1549 liza doolots623 lotus blossom2711 lucky clover597 lyra heartstrings28979 mayor mare3211 midnight strike58 minuette5708 ms. harshwhinny2309 ms. peachbottom862 neon brush40 night light2202 nightmare moon16584 nightmare rarity2925 noteworthy988 nurse redheart3493 nurse sweetheart254 octavia melody23385 orange swirl1064 orion268 parasol621 petunia622 pinkie pie211568 pokey pierce1344 prince blueblood4018 princess cadance31995 princess celestia93144 princess luna97348 quarterback163 quick trim37 rainbow dash228544 rainbowshine901 rarity177607 rogue (character)193 roseluck4972 sapphire joy374 sassaflash923 savoir fare106 screw loose549 screwball1438 sea swirl1540 seafoam1540 sheriff silverstar243 shining armor22641 shoeshine1664 shooting star (character)268 silver spoon6427 snails5232 snips4150 soarin'13718 sparkler2369 spitfire13153 spring melody1144 sprinkle medley1144 star swirl the bearded1978 strike75 sunny rays70 sunset shimmer60982 sunshower raindrops2345 sweetie drops16061 the unconditioner15 thunderlane3980 time turner10609 tootsie flute626 trixie65791 truffle shuffle410 twilight sparkle294310 twilight velvet4127 twinkleshine2191 twist2837 uncle orange282 upper crust632 vinyl scratch28850 white lightning910 wild fire891 wind whistler457 withers187 written script300 zecora9160 oc655750 oc:cream heart2265 oc:fausticorn1523 crystal pony4448 pony923687 zebra16979 .svg available8103 absurd resolution65190 apple family member2727 aquarius120 aries104 beekeeper60 cancer (horoscope)140 capricorn134 collection461 cutie mark45516 cutie mark only1253 everypony373 female1322482 gemini105 henchmen358 horoscope132 horte cuisine56 leo142 libra136 male357569 mane six31150 no pony9279 pisces97 ponyscopes566 repository1 sagittarius91 score237 scorpio146 screwy13 shadowbolts1580 simple background377924 snowflake719 spa twins1316 taurus111 temple pony1 train conductor34 transparent background195529 vector75106 virgo101 wall of tags2851 zodiac724


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In the Background - Background ponies need love too!
Charitable Contributor - Contributed to a series of art packs that helped raise over $10,000 for charity
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bg pony nymphomaniac
-Cloud Kicker separated.
-When all of the henchponies are in it (weird suggestion from someone), what about the rest of the background ponies from S1E1 to S4E2? Cloud Showers, Bottlecap, Junebug, Mjölna, Quickfix, etc. etc.?
-Twinkleshine is not a earth pony.
-If Minuette/Dr. Hooves are mentioned for one cutie mark, then Sunny Rays and Merry May, latter is missing.
-Rainbowshine, not Rainbow Shine.
Sassaflashs Cutie Mark is the right one the other are left ones (pony's point of view).
-Lemon Hearts is not a pegasus pony.

Though I already pointed some mistakes to her lately. I mean, so many pegasus ponies were missing, though they appeared regularly.