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safe1770117 artist:theartrix188 nightmare moon17351 pipsqueak2886 princess luna101402 star swirl the bearded2072 twilight sparkle308464 earth pony274554 pony1030042 luna eclipsed1608 black and white13657 colt15690 conspiracy199 crosshatch79 crying45335 ethereal mane8617 fake beard301 female1418813 foal15865 grayscale39702 hat92067 male394158 mare511134 monochrome153522 nightmare night4882 parody15867 political cartoon78 simple background415731 white background104394 wizard hat952


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Wallet After Summer Sale -

Memetic eldritch horror
I was always confused about that, dentists tell kids not to eat candy and drink sugary stuff but wouldn’t they WANT kids to eat and drink more sugar so they get more cavities and therefore the dentists get more buisness, it’s like they’re punching themselves in the face