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suggestive172910 artist:zev866 princess celestia105100 princess luna109267 alicorn274491 pony1323770 ass up3237 butt179103 butt bump841 butt to butt1021 butt touch6276 buttstuck435 chimney335 christmas18236 clothes559340 dialogue80200 explicit source4646 female1603589 frilly underwear4700 hat108960 moonbutt4286 panties57627 plot115230 plot pair1085 red underwear1449 santa costume1949 santa hat7549 sitting on person1105 sitting on pony630 snow17283 stuck3336 sunbutt5082 underwear70841


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Artist -

They even got some festive Christmas panties on. Way too thong like for my taste, but still nice to see.  
Need to have it a tradition to give girls Christmas themed panties, and have them wear the last year’s panties that day xD
Background Pony #DEF6
My theory is that (for some reason we’ll never know), she bent over, touched her toes, then levitated down the chimney head – and feet – first.
The picture doesn’t make much sense, so you have to just roll with it in order to laugh at it.
Background Pony #DEF6
… and eventually it was resolved, never spoken of again, and forgotten….
…until Luna had a relapse back into Nightmare Moon, and she made an interesting modification to the throne….