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Time for one last dose of pony before the year ends, I think. Happy Hearths Warming Eve, one and all :D
safe1705116 artist:jbwarner8616 angel bunny9831 apple bloom49464 applejack169770 bon bon16352 derpy hooves50143 fluttershy212515 lyra heartstrings29530 pinkie pie216095 rainbow dash233791 rarity181720 scootaloo51236 snails5312 snips4215 spike78734 sweetie belle49013 sweetie drops16352 twilight sparkle300182 alicorn224218 dragon56210 earth pony248263 pegasus291258 pony966363 unicorn322717 boots21763 clothes459138 cloud30685 colt14900 cutie mark crusaders19022 earmuffs1194 female1361854 filly66572 fishing390 flying38107 hat86741 hearth's warming862 hoof hold8296 ice1224 ice fishing7 ice skates288 ice skating402 male372231 mane seven6507 mane six31885 mare479922 question mark4524 scarf23236 shoes36440 sky14129 smiling248033 snow13774 snowball486 snowball fight310 snowman578 spread wings54652 tree32205 twilight sparkle (alicorn)123614 wings107144 winter4458 winter outfit1515


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There is lots of things going on in the scene to twilight and spike to be proud of pinkie pie's figure skating moves that knocked flutter-shy down as angel bunny moved out of the way almost putting a foot up snip's butt when he and snails were ice fishing. With applejack thinking she was to buck a tree when she didn't know rarity was under the tree when she was dusted by snow that was collecting in the branches.