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safe1971829 artist:modern-warmare105 apple bloom56384 scootaloo55495 sweetie belle53457 bat pony64155 changeling58441 dragon72199 earth pony361555 kirin12515 pegasus406760 pony1323691 unicorn446503 bat ponified3886 book39313 bucket2925 burning723 changelingified1525 cirno113 crossover68849 cutie mark crusaders20908 dragonified1900 faceplant757 flandre scarlet96 hong meiling22 izayoi sakuya51 kirin-ified901 koakuma17 mystia lorelei11 patchouli knowledge91 ponified46348 race swap18056 remilia scarlet58 rumia26 species swap23764 team 92 touhou1200 wriggle nightbug10


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Background Pony #9A55
Chaos, Discord would love this happening!
Also the team 9 and CMC could have something in common, although we often see CMC’s development more.  
Mystibelle (Sweetie is now a chicken, a SINGING chicken)  
Wriggaloo (Scoots is now chicken’s prey)  
Rumibloom (…)  
Dinkirno (Baka, Derpy’s heritage)
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

Meiling’s design actually looks a lot like the design of the Kirin in the recent episode. The artist must have been prophetic.
On another note, we need more Cirno pictures. Now that she surpassed the (9), we need to reach the (99)!
Heroine Addict
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Pedantry Executive
Oh my. I guess those three are going to see whether they can get danmaku-dodging cutie marks soon.
Also, dragon-pony Meiling is a nice touch.