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suggestive161991 artist:chromaskunk237 artist:ecmajor306 trixie72437 twilight sparkle322000 pony1224171 unicorn401413 alternate hairstyle31516 bit gag1345 blinders316 bondage38239 bridle4100 butt142756 butt touch5399 clothes524597 collar38389 corset4868 dock57507 dominatrix2518 dominatrixie174 fake wings859 female1516151 femdom9026 femsub12305 gag16447 high heels13383 hoof on butt801 leash8822 lesbian104408 mare566059 mouth hold19921 pet2068 pet play4336 pettwi142 pinecone152 plot99591 plume67 pony play216 reins1083 riding crop1950 saddle2334 shipping219979 shoes45314 spanking2975 spreader bar2470 submissive20243 tail51405 tail hole1431 tail wrap7250 the great and powerful ass1425 trixdom67 twisub1010 twixie5256 whipping304


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If you crack open a pinecone and smell it, your nose goes numb from how intense the smell is. Having Twilight’s face over a bowl of pinecones like that take away her sense of smell. Basically she’s robbing Twilight of all her senses except touch.
Background Pony #0165
And now I’m under the control of The Great And Powerful What The Fuck Is This Shit.