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suggestive132846 artist:divided-s268 shining armor22099 pony885222 armor22359 bikini16782 bipedal31899 blushing182894 bra14728 bra on pony595 clothes426781 crotchboob armor1 crotchboobs19446 crotchbra288 gleaming shield1136 impossibly large crotchboobs3950 misspelling2280 rule 6325507 swimsuit26253 unconvincing armor1068 underwear57219


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Joseph Raszagal
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Emily Brickenbrackle III
It's adorable in that "she'd never wear something so unprotective" sort of way. I'd see Gleaming Shield being similar to Shining Armor as towards how seriously she takes her job. Protecting an entire city with a bubble shield can't be easy after all.


This right here. Good choices for maintaining decent movement while also granting decent protection. 10/10, would wear if I was a pony soldier.
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Ponies: Happy & Safe
For a pony, add chainmail, a neck/shoulder guard, and leg armor and this honestly is pretty protective.

Armored crotchboobs? I hope this is a trend. They need to be protected! And it's sexy!